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The power of storytelling: how my Mount Carmel story went viral

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Exactly one week ago, SideStreet Malta published my story about my experience in Mount Carmel Hospital. It was something I did without expectations. I simply wrote about my experience, as objectively as possible, and made sure it was a good read. The day it was published, it had 5000 views. I thought that was the end, and I was quite content.

But it was merely the start of what this story had in store. The next day I woke up to 18,000 views. The piece had blown up, and it appeared on every single timeline I checked. Seeing my words spread like wildfire was overwhelming to say the least - I had never imagined to make such an impact.

My inboxes were overflowing with messages from friends and strangers alike, congratulating me on my courage and bravery. I woke up to a message from a journalist from the Times of Malta, questions from Lovin Malta and a request for an interview on Net TV. I received messages from people that went through similar situations, as well as people who wondered how they could contribute to the cause.

Following the immense response, I launched a petition for the modernisation of psychiatric care in Malta. In only a few days time, the petition gained a thousand signatures, and that number is still growing (don't forget to sign it yourself!).

Today - just a week later - my original article has been read over 45,000 times. That’s 10% of the Maltese population! Five articles have been written by other media houses. The Association of Psychiatry as well as Malta’s Mental Health Commissioner have publicly supported my words and demanded change.

Following the mounting pressure and experts deeming Mount Carmel “not fit for purpose”, the government now appears to be fast-tracking plans for a hospital to replace Mount Carmel. A call for tenders for an “eight-ward facility near Mater Dei Hospital, with a capacity for 120 beds and plenty of outdoor space” will soon be published.

And this is not the end. We have more stories to tell and more changes to make. But let this be a clean-cut example of how one story can bring about positive change. A good story connects humanity and instils empathy, and a story that speaks to the reader’s emotions and imagination can move mountains.

Stories are the most powerful tool to connect with your audience, and play a vital role in any business. They add depth and colour to your brand. You can tell stories that hold you back, or stories that turn setbacks into successes.

Do you need a compelling story for your brand? Could your social media use great storytelling tactics? Or are you looking for catchy content on your website? I'm your writer. Check out my blog or get in touch with me to discuss the details.



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