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A writer needs fuel.

And mine happens to be iced coffee with coconut milk. But other things help me get through life, too: 8 hours of sleep, taking my dog on long walks, and spending time with my favourite people.

But in a world where I'm expected to spend 8+ hours at a desk, writing things for other people, that's a lot to ask for. So I've decided to do things differently. Or at least give it a go.

As a journalist and writer, I decided to go the freelancing route. I tried the office job, and it wasn't for me. Turns out I'm happiest when I get to decide when & where I work, and I'm hoping to keep it that way.

But the end goal is even more unconventional and non-conforming: I don't just want to write when I want and where I want, I also want to write what I want.


And that's why you're here, on my personal website. Because I am aiming to create quality content, independently, and you can help me do so.

How? Fuel me. If my next iced coffee is on you, I promise I'll have a new post up real soon.

And if you have any topic you'd like me to touch on, I'll have a look into it and maybe even write about it!

Even better: sponsor me on a monthly basis. While I'll leave the option here with you, in the meantime I'm working on exclusive content for the real fans. Stay tuned, because 2022 will be full of experimenting with different media, and I'll be taking my creative storytelling to new levels.

Fuel me here. Thank you and all the best!


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