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Maybe we're enough

Maybe it's not up to us to save the whole wide world. Maybe it's okay to calm down that fire inside. Maybe we don't need to fuel our lives with feeling achieved and getting things done. Maybe it's okay to just exist for a bit.

Maybe it's enough to take care of the temple that is your body and to show the people you love that you love them. To shine your light as far as it can reach and to make some corners a little less dark. To do what you can and to stop when you must. To help others, but to always help yourself first. To be as soft and vulnerable as strong and determined. To keep your heart and mind open. Open for pain, for happiness, for change, for others, for old and new, for love.

To live life breath by breath. Walk your journey step by step. To welcome what comes, and let go of what goes. To appreciate everything you have and romanticise everything you had. To look back on life filled with grace and to look into the future with hope and newfound insights.

Maybe it's enough to run and make art and cook food and read books. To do what's expected or to do nothing at all. To always say your positive thoughts out loud and give compliments to strangers. To climb a mountain once in a while, to scream into the big blue sky. To look at the stars and to wander into a sunset. To miss an important call and forget a payment but call your mum for hours on end when the world could be on fire.

Maybe it's enough to make friends only when you feel like it. To stay within your comfort zone to preserve your peace of mind. To make big decisions for your happiness and your happiness only. To spend too much money on coffee and to eat even when you're full. Maybe life is about getting to know your neighbours' daughter who is (also) learning to skate. About not finishing movies and giving up on projects.

About your collar bones and the lady that fast-walks in circles every morning and that cup you found in the cupboard and the bed sheet you used as a Halloween costume. About losing touch with some and finding others. About swimming and writing and laughing. About looking for the things you will find only when you stop looking for them.

Maybe it's just about appreciating existence while the earth dances with the sun and the moon. Maybe that is enough. Life does as she pleases. The world moves fast. This is it. Be kind, take care.



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