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I quit my job, again

Another one. Another job where I could not physically finish my notice period because it drained every bit of energy out of my soul. Because I couldn’t learn, grow, or do what I am passionate about.

What started off great made me want to leave to the point where I made a six-week trip through Europe to return to my senses. To make me feel alive again.

I can’t sit in an office five days a week, working eight hours a day, producing content for people who couldn’t care less. I can’t do office socialising, I can’t do the meal-prepping, I can’t do the part where you’re exploited for simple labour and not encouraged to be the best you can.

So I quit. I had applied for a master's in journalism, thinking going back to university could be a cool opportunity. I love studying and crave the academic context of the things I do on the daily to keep things interesting.

While I was on my interrail trip, I realised I had to do it. I realised how much being in the office and working fixed hours drained me. I realised that I could still feel alive, it just wasn’t in Brussels or in the situation I was in.

So that’s what I did. Exactly one month before the introduction week I gave my notice, not knowing how I would get through university without a job but knowing there was no way I could keep doing this.

In the meantime, a vacancy at my favourite Belgian newspaper had been popping up. Online journalist - weekend job. The job description read like a description of me: “You breathe news, you have sharp texts at your fingertips, you are flexible, social media has few secrets for you.”

I applied before I even knew I was quitting at The Brussels Times, and quit The Brussels Times before I knew I got the new job. But miracles aren't out of this world yet, and my first interview in Antwerp was also my “welcome to the company” chat.

I now got to walk around in a massive media office in Antwerp, surrounded by the best and most experienced journalists in Belgium, learning how to use tens of different programmes to eventually be able to manage the news, website and social media on my own.

And now I do. Not only am I learning more, but I’m also earning more, and it couldn’t have worked out better with my studies.

Meanwhile, I had my last day at The Brussels Times. I now have a week and a half “off”, though it never truly is off in my life, to calm my mind, process the 9 to 6 trauma and prepare for what is going to be a very intense but super interesting year.

I’m excited. I’ll keep you posted.


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So happy for you! funny how things always work out in the end ❤️

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